Daily Routines

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Routines are so important for success.  You wake up with a goal in mind for the day, and write it down.  This helps me to stay on track.  I say I work from home, but really what I do is hunt for jobs, work on my blog, and a few other projects that I have in the works. Telling myself that I’m working from home helps me stay positive and hopeful in a world where it is so easy to fall into the despair of comparison.

This blog is something that I stray away from on occasion.  Sometimes I am really into it, and sometimes I’m not.  But now that I am going through unemployment, living the single life at home with my parents, and trying to launch a career, I find that this is a great space to share my experiences with anyone who wants to read them.

I am going to breakdown my daily routine for you, and tell you why each part is important.

  1. Wake Up – this seems like an obvious one.  But let me tell you, there have been times in my life where I just didn’t see the point in waking up or getting out of bed.  I have to tell myself that the things I will be doing today are important and are going to help me get to where I want to be. Also coffee is a huge incentive for me! I cannot live without it and don’t even pretend I can. Waking up, putting on my amazingly comfortable bathrobe that was a bridesmaid gift at my best friends wedding, and enjoying a cup of coffee while catching up on a tv show are the first things I do in the morning.

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2. Go to the Gym – fitness is so important for a clear head.  When I don’t work out for a few days or weeks, I feel it.  I feel it physically and I also feel it mentally.  I work out at home sometimes, but getting to the gym forces me out of my comfort zone.  I do not like working out around other people, but then you start to realize that honestly no one gives a shit what you are doing at the gym. Everyone is focused on their own workouts and playlists. And let’s all be honest here, workout clothes can be so fun, cute and flattering so why not show them off?! I am currently doing the BBG workout program by Kayla Itsines and it has been a godsend. You can find her first 2 guides online and I highly recommend you do so!

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3. Hydrate – this is an all day everyday kind of thing.  You can’t just drink water in the morning and at night with other sugary drinks in between.  I fill up my 25 oz S’Well bottle so many times a day I don’t count.  Hydration is so key for decreased bloating, clearer skin, and a happier mood.  When I start to feel myself go down a little bit, I drink a bit of water to perk myself up.

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4. Work – whatever it is that I am working on that day, whether it is my blog, applying to jobs, working on my own business, or my cookbook, I try to do a little bit each day.  Some of the tasks seem so daunting when they are in front of me, so I like to chip away at them little by little. Working on these projects helps keep my writing skills sharp, as well as my creative mind. And I still go to bed at the end of the day feeling like I have accomplished something.

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5. Eat – this is also an all day everyday thing.  Well not ALL day, but you get the idea.  I usually start the day with some kind of eggs or toast.  I use organic, non-GMO sprouted spelt bread and it is my absolute favorite. It toasts up so nice and crunchy and holds up really well to all the toppings I put on it. Lunch is usually leftover from dinner the night before which can be various things but I try to keep it light for all meals, except my cheat meals. Yes I said mealS.  My life is a balance.  I don’t deprive myself of anything.  If I really want something, I will eat it, or I will find a healthier version.

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That’s basically my routine for everyday.  Of course, things happen and some days have to be different.  I also don’t go to bed at the same time every night, or wake up at the same time every day. Some people love to have that as a routine, and I’m sure at some point I will incorporate that into my routine.

I hope this little insight into my day will help you in some small way if you’re struggling with unemployment or lack of motivation to get things started and feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments!


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