Wedding Weekend

So this weekend was my cousin’s wedding back in my hometown area. I was so excited to get to go back and see all the spots I used to hang out at, and also to show my new person where I grew up. I was mostly excited about the weather, and all the food I was going to get to eat.

I wrote a separate post abut the Saturday brunch we had at The Hattery Stove & Still right in the heart of Doylestown, Pa, but this post will mostly be just pictures and short descriptions of other things we ate, and what we did.

The go to spot for coffee at Peddler’s Village (where the wedding was) is Saxbys. We stayed at the Golden Plough Inn, so everything we could have needed was within walking distance. Saxbys is a cute coffee shop that boasts strong, dark coffee, rustic decor, and scrumptious looking pastries.


This picture showcases an iced Americano and a red eye with half and half. This was our last day in town 😦 but on our first day there I had their milk and honey cold brew. If there was just a tad less honey, it would be incredibly delicious, but it was a little sweet for my taste. Also, if you order an iced Americano, ask them to top it off with water instead of ice, unless you like drinking tar.

The breakfast sandwiches are from Chive, and were a great way to fuel up for the drive home. I must say, I am spoiled as far as breakfast sandwiches goes. I live in a tourist town booming with farm to table options, and this sandwich didn’t really measure up to the one at Beach Plum Farm. However, all the ingredients were incredibly fresh, and the toasted brioche bun was everything I wanted.

I was watching as they made other breakfast items, and their chocolate chip pancakes looked DIVINE. They also serve lunch, which is on point. I’d probably suggest this place for lunch more than breakfast, honestly.

When it came time to get ready for the wedding, I was dreading how hot it was! I knew my dress would keep me cool, but still, 80 degrees is a bit much. We still managed to put ourselves together pretty decently. We tore up the dance floor at the reception at the Cock & Bull, and I ate my weight in hors d’ouvres and candy from the candy bar.


I always get excited when I have a good reason to dress up, and even more so when I have a handsome man dressed up standing next to me.

Yay for hometown weddings!


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